Overall aim

Strengthening social cohesion and improvement of energy supply structure in host communities

Remi 1

Further education on solar installation for Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens in host communities.

Advanced training seminars for Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens in host communities for the training of installers of solar systems are established.

  • A target group-oriented curriculum for the planning, installation and maintenance of solar systems has been created.
  • A training unit for solar trainings in refugee receiving host communities is installed.
  • 200 participants (Syrian refugees and Turkish citizens) from refugee receiving regions hold final exam certificates of a four-week advanced training as installers of solar panels from the newly built training unit.
Remi 2

Piloting of solar rooftop installations with assistance of previously trained specialized personnel in a refugee hosting community

The information situation regarding the feasibility of solar rooftop systems in the Gaziantep area has been improved.

  • 3 solar rooftop systems in the Gaziantep area have been installed as demonstration objects by local construction companies together with the previously trained Turkish and Syrian participants of the host community.
  • A documentation of the experiences in written form as well as a film is available to the broad public.
Remi 3

Training for solar pioneers, entrepreneur trainings related to energy service companies and solar roadshows.

An energy services sector has emerged to support the dissemination of solar rooftop systems among homes and communities.

  • 30 persons are trained as solar pioneers.
  • A seminar on establishing ESCOs, in cooperation with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey (KOSGEB) in Gaziantep, has been included into KOSGEB’s offers for replication on a pilot basis with participants from the complementary training seminars.
  • Solar roadshows for information on successful solar roof systems were conducted in 10 refugee host communities for interested users and investors.
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