COVID 19: Even in difficult times – 7th solar training commenced in Gaziantep

Jul 23, 2020 | Featured News, News

In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, REMI solar trainings came to a hold in March 2020. From March onwards, COVID-19 cases had been increasing in Turkey and the cities of Gaziantep and Istanbul, where the solar trainings are being conducted, were subject to curfews.

Finally in June 2020 trainings restarted under special precautions and ensuring social distancing. The classes in Gaziantep are now divided so that not more than 14 participants share one classroom in the GSO-MEM training facility. Fever is being measured upon entrance, the wearing of masks is mandatory and disinfectants have been made available in all classes and distributed to participants. Previously enrolled participants who did not want to continue the training because of health concerns were given the chance to step out of the training while still receiving a small stipend.

This way even in these challenging times REMI trainings can continue to produce skilled solar installers. An additional “Case Studies Workshop” preparing the participants for the actual installation of specific 5 PV installations in Gaziantep and Istanbul will take place in the end of July. The installation of the PV systems is planned to take place in September and October.

Impressions of the “Social Cohesion Day” at the beginning of the 7th REMI training in Gaziantep. ©GIZ/GSO-MEM /Tuğba Çelikhan

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Featured NewsCOVID 19: Even in difficult times – 7th solar training commenced in Gaziantep