Solar Trainings

Component in Detail

REMI, provides solar trainings in cooperation with GSO. The trainings will enable Syrian and Turkish participants to independently install solar rooftop systems for electricity and warm water production.

With the help of 4 trainers that successfully completed the 6-week Training-of-Trainers, up to 300 participants will learn to design, assemble and install photovoltaic installations for electricity generation and solar-thermal installations for warm water production.

  • Trainings including maintenance, repair and a section on off-grid solutions
  • Selected participants, who have graduated from relevant schools or having relevant course or working experience
  • Turkish courses prior to the solar trainings, provided by GIZ’s Promotion of Economic Prospects Project (PEP) for Syrian refugees to take part in.
  • Solar trainings conducted in Turkish with the help of an Arabic-Turkish interpreter.
  • Training format enabling Syrian and Turkish participants to learn side by side and install the systems cooperatively, potentially establishing businesses together.
  • Furthermore, an e-learning course, being piloted to extend the outreach to other regions.
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Solar Trainings