Start of Virtual Reality Pilot – the future of solar installation trainings?

Jul 22, 2020 | Featured News, News

As part of the solar training component of REMI, solar installation trainings take place mainly in Gaziantep, while an online version has been piloted successfully in Istanbul. In order to reach an even wider group of trainees, REMI has initiated an innovative activity: a Virtual Reality (VR) pilot. 

REMI explores the integration of a partial practical installation training into virtual reality technology by piloting a prototype. This could pave the way for a completely VR-based solar training to be developed in the future. The VR software is targeted to be a vertical slice, representing a testable example of PV training. It will feature the most important elements regarding occupational safety, learning the step-by-step process of PV mounting on location, train the actual mounting systems and assessing the trainee. Once successfully piloted, it will allow for comparison of the 3 different training types and its trainees – on-site in Gaziantep, online and as VR. 

The utility and need for digital solutions can be demonstrated most drastically by the recent Covid-19 pandemic, which shows us that digital training, education and working solutions will become more essential in the future. By investing in future technologies, REMI aspires to combine technology with renewable energy for a better, sustainable future.

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Featured News Start of Virtual Reality Pilot – the future of solar installation trainings?